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Three Phase Online UPS Upto 480KVA

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Three Phase Online UPS

  • Suitable for all types of load (IT/ HealthCare/ Process/ Machines/ Infra etc)
  • Online Double Conversion (VFI Technology)
  • IGBT Based DSP Technology
  • Inbuilt Galvanic Isolation Transformer
  • Inbuilt Static Switch
  • Inbuilt Manual Changeover Switch
  • 100% Unbalance load
  • Inbuilt RS 232
  • Small Foot Print
  • Wide Input Voltage Tolerance
  • Cold Start Feature
  • Long life power electronics grade capacitors with 10 Years design life
  • Suitable for Regenerative Loads
  • Low MTTR & High MTBF
  • Potential Free Contacts (Optional)
  • SNMP For Remote Monitoring (Optional)

The Three-phase UPS is designed for a variety of applications and systems. Three-phase UPS units are used in the computer, telecom, and industrial markets. They are also commonly used with battery backup systems to provide power during brownouts and blackouts. This is a special type of power supply that will supply power to any section of an electrical network regardless of how much power is being used by other devices on the network. The three-phase UPS has three main components: voltage regulators, rectifiers, and inverters.

Voltage Regulator - A voltage regulator regulates the output energy supplied to lines or loads. The regulator allows for smooth operation and prevents overloading or underloading of the system. Voltage regulators are often called constant voltage regulators because they maintain a constant output voltage from input voltages regardless of changes in load demands or line conditions (i.e., changing loads, frequency changes).

Rectifiers - Rectifiers convert AC current into DC current for use with electronic equipment such as computers, telecommunication gear, and electronic motors.

Inverter - An inverter converts AC to DC when plugged into an outlet (for example, an outlet in your home.

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